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I share my writing, my thoughts and how I'm creating a business that supports the life I desire.  Share what's happening in my life, what tools I'm using, and things I"m thinking about.  There's a wide variety of content here because I'm more than just a tech coach, I'm someone who is experiment constantly with what's work and discovering what's not, all while sharing it here.

Simple Website Analytics? Yes, it's possible!


I’ve been using Fathom Analytics for over a year, and I recently used the Google Analytics Importer that the team at Fathom created to bring in all the history of my website from Google Analytics.

Fathom Analytics is the best option to understand what’s happening on your website.

I even created a quick overview video showing you what you can expect from Fathom Analytics.  Yes, it’s an additional monthly/yearly expense, but I have learned so much from my website traffic since using Fathom Analytics that, for me it’s well worth the additional expense.

Watch this video to see exactly what you’ll find once you set up your account, and use this link to try Fathom Analytics out for fourteen days.  I think you’ll like it.

Never stop being curious,

Renee Shupe
Chief Geek at
Writer on Medium

Website Owner's Tookit - an essential tool for any website owner

PS: If Fathom Analytics doesn’t seem right for you right now and you haven’t switched to Google Analytics 4, then I recommend this service from the team at WP FixIt.  They’ll get you set up, easy peasy.

Never stop being curious,

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